Media Coverage

As Southwest Vida continues to grow, we have received more and more media coverage about our projects, mission, and amazing work done by our youth leaders. Scroll through to read some of the latest coverage we have received!

Regis University

For the past two summers, Regis senior Sayuri Toribio has been part of a youth-led effort to create billboards in Denver’s Westwood neighborhood that are designed to combat gun violence. Westwood and other neighborhoods in southwest Denver have some of the city’s highest rates of gun violence.

9 News

A youth-created billboard has a message to combat gun violence in southwest Denver, an area that struggles with gun violence. It was created by a group of about 15 youth ages 14 to 24 who are part of nonprofit Southwest Vida.


Gun violence is a pressing issue that continues to affect communities across the United States. In southwest Denver, a group of remarkable young individuals has taken a bold step towards combating this problem.

Fox 31 News

A new billboard on Federal Boulevard in southwest Denver is taking aim at youth gun violence in the area. Two area youth groups, Denver Teen Empowerment and Southwest Vida, partnered with the Denver Police Department to put the billboard up. Members gathered at the site Monday.

CBS Colorado

Students in Denver’s Westwood neighborhood have teamed up to create a newsletter informing their peers of what’s happening in their part of the city. Not only tackling serious topics like gun violence and marijuana but also highlighting the positive stories near their home.